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Today, after almost 10 years I’ve put in my papers to change jobs. :pensive:

On March 22, 2018 I accepted an offer from a new employer in a different industry, and today (March 23rd) I put in my notice.

This will be my 6th job in 21 years, so I’m not exactly a frequent changer, and this wasn’t the easiest decision.

But, there are a number of positive things coming as part of the new position:

  1. Much shorter commute (about 15 miles less one way)
  2. Several co-workers I already know (although with those characters that might be mixed :sunglasses:)
  3. An escape from cubicles :+1:
  4. A nice mix of things I’m already familiar with and new products/experiences.

In discussions with IT leadership at the new employer, the main things I’ll be working on to start with are:

  • Implementing ConfigMgr/SCCM
  • Deploying Solarwinds Orion
  • Helping the current team:
    • pay off technical debt
    • clear out backlogged requests/projects
    • homogenize and stabilize environment

I’ll be starting the new position on April 9th, so after that expect some new posts on the new environment and my projects. :metal: