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What is MMS?

The Midwest Management Summit is a 4-day conference purposely capped to just 750 attendees so that nobody gets lost in the crowd. Speakers have time to meet and talk to you. No rushing people out of a session to get the next speaker going. Time to absorb what you see and talk it over with speakers and other attendees. A true learning experience. Real networking. Real-life issues discussed. And no, you don’t have to be from the Midwest to attend. It’s just the name.


Since the other SysAdmin at $WORK had already scheduled for this years Ignite (and is part of the Krewe), it made sense for me to go to a different conference. As I’m the resident ConfigMgr admin at $WORK, MMS seemed like a good fit. Especially as I’ve interacted with a number of the community members on Twitter, Slack, etc.

I should probably as SolarWinds if they’ll give me any kickback for advertisements as my backpack, and almost all of the shirts I packed are from them or their community THWACK.. :smile: